And So it starts….

It was a gray, dreary Tuesday and I had not felt good this particular morning, so I was at home from school. I sat at the dining room table eating my breakfast when the phone rang.

My mom said “Hi Mom”, so it was one of my Grandmas. Then I heard “What do you mean Dads’ dead”? I sat and now had to figure out which Grandpa I “hoped” it was…I sat still as a statue, this 12 year old girls world as I knew it had changed forever this day.

I went and locked myself in the bathroom upstairs and proceeded to scream and cry my pain and anger at God himself. I begged, pleaded, made deals and promises if he would just bring him back to us, and take someone else.

That night when I finally cried myself to sleep, I awoke to see a white misty cloud over my bed. In the middle of this cloud was my Grandpa, smiling and nodding his head up and down, which I felt meant, “it is okay Nancy, I am really okay”.

In the morning I went downstairs to hear my seven year old brother telling my Mom he woke up to see Grandpas’ face up near the ceiling.

Not only was this my first heartbreak, this was the very first time my gift of Clairvoyance  had shown itself. Over the years I was lucky enough to be able to  lay down to sleep and just think that “tonight I want to visit with Grandpa”, and it would happen. I would be with him, us both sitting comfortably chatting about all the things that have been happening in my life that I had wanted to tell him.  Is this an offshoot of Astral Travel or Lucid Dreaming, maybe it all plays a part somehow. I had visits till I was 19 and then I have not  been able to have them since. Part of me feels he may be in another incarnation since then, and no longer where I am able to visit.

So as it goes, this was the beginning of my different gifts that just grew and got stronger and happened more often as time went on. It is said that “trauma, or the loss of a loved one” many times does trigger our gifts, although it took years for me to know they were indeed gifts.

In my case I know this to be true!

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