Past, Present, Future….

I have been spending a lot of time rehashing the past. I mean seriously, we are told not to live in the past as we miss the present. Since these planets have all gone into retrograde I have found myself stuck in quicksand as far as the past is concerned. I have read this Moon being in Taurus and so many planets in Retrograde is the time for this to happen so that we can rethink, remember, reprogram, all the re-words, and whether wanting to or not it seems to be happening.
I have learned a lot about why and how I have gotten to where I am, whose thoughts and opinions about me, made me who I have been till recently. I am told this is a healing process and once done, I will be ready to spring ahead at an accelerated rate for what Spirit has in store for me, for me to fulfill my purpose to coming to this Earth to begin with.
Well, I have cried an ocean of tears and have accepted many unacceptable things that I have been through, if it is for the good of others, let it happen. I am so ready to finish this healing process, which has made me feel all the things we try to avoid. Sadness, loneliness, regrets and wishing different decisions had been made.
My drive to help uplift others is still here, though, I do find it a lonely process at the moment. Karmic pattern cleansing done has also brought so much to the forefront. I believe I have washed it all out through tears, and today just feel the need to cocoon myself with my meditations and crystals. 
I have traveled so far to live in light and optimism and believe this is all for the best. Healing things from past lives as well as this one leaves a clean, empty vessel to be filled with Spirit all they will bring in to fill the empty spaces. I am looking forward to what is in store…

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